Wagner D1500-15IV-100 (12.621C)


Besturing Siemens 840D
Tussen de centers (mm) 21200
Max. draaidiameter over bed (mm) 3050
Max. draaidia. over dwarsslede (mm) 2500
Toerental 0,236 - 60
kW 200
Voltage 400V
Hertz 50


4-Jaw face plate, Ø 3.000 mm
4-Jaw face plate, Ø 2.000 mm, 330 mm thickness
Work rest roller type, Ø 680 mm
2x Steady rest roller type , Ø 750 mm
2x Steady rest roller type, Ø 1.200 mm
Follow rest, Ø 2.000 mm
Boring bar 450 x 10.300 mm
Boring bar 650 x 11.100 mm
Rollenbock with adaptor

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